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The Politics of International Intellectual Cooperation - article
The Politics of International Intellectual Cooperation – Sustain our Common Humanity

The 20th century saw the catastrophes of the First and Second World Wars. International intellectual cooperation was considered necessary if humanity were to renew civilized society and build a prosperous economy to the benefit of all. Such exchange also became an instrument of ideological “soft-power” or cultural diplomacy, using propaganda, and exploiting the arts, sciences,…

WISERD Research - Covid-19: policy responses and social consequences report - front cover
WISERD Research – Covid-19: policy responses and social consequences

Introduction The arrival of Covid-19 to the UK in early 2020 led to rapid and far-reaching changes in the way we live our lives. ‘Lockdown’ led to school closures and working from home became the norm for many workers. And while most shops and businesses closed, ‘key’ workers and services experienced unprecedented pressures. For the…

What is a Philosophy of Education?

The article considers what is a philosophy and its relation to education. The modern academic development of philosophy has questioned the theoretical basis of specific aspects of knowledge and human experience, including education. It is an active rather than a passive or descriptive discipline. Education is defined similarly as a process by which knowledge, skills…

Educating for Chinese Politeness: A Lifelong Learning Pursuit - screenshot of first page
Educating for Chinese Politeness – A Lifelong Learning Pursuit

The Chinese language has many expressions of politeness such as “Li rang” or comity and “Rang li” or ceding profit. Yet, there is a contradiction between an image of Chinese amity and hospitality in private and the brashness exhibited in public places. Several factors explain this, not least the social anxiety of living in such…

Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties
School exclusions in Wales: policy discourse and policy enactment

Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties: Excluded Lives, 26(1) pp 19-30 This paper contributes to our growing understanding of the processes underpinning contrasting rates of school exclusions both within and across the different jurisdictions of the UK. Wales is often compared favourably to its larger neighbour England, where rates of permanent exclusions have risen dramatically in recent…

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The Digital Transformation of Russia – Digital Skills and its Potential

65 percent of children entering primary school today will work in employment that does not yet exist; and by 2022 approximately 22 percent of employment in the global economy will be created by digital technologies. 73 percent of company managers say they have serious problems finding specialists qualified in such technologies, compared with 10 percent…