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WISERD Research - Covid-19: policy responses and social consequences report - front cover
WISERD Research – Covid-19: policy responses and social consequences

Introduction The arrival of Covid-19 to the UK in early 2020 led to rapid and far-reaching changes in the way we live our lives. ‘Lockdown’ led to school closures and working from home became the norm for many workers. And while most shops and businesses closed, ‘key’ workers and services experienced unprecedented pressures. For the…

COVID-19 and the labour market outcomes of disabled people in the UK

Highlights We explore disability-related labour market inequality in the UK during COVID-19. We estimate COVID-19 work-related risk factors and changes in outcomes. Disabled workers face greater COVID-19 economic and health risks pre-pandemic. Disability gaps in employment and pay exhibit minimal change one year post-pandemic. Disabled workers have a markedly larger rise in being temporarily away…

Geographical Variations in Trade Union Membership: 2021 Edition
Geographical Variations in Trade Union Membership: 2021 Edition

This Research Note presents new estimates of trade union membership derived for detailed geographical areas across Great Britain. Analysis reveals the wide variations in union density that exist both across the country and within particular regions.  Over the period 2000-2019, union density is shown to vary between 9% in Kensington and Chelsea to 54% in…

Tackling Labour Markets cover
Tackling Labour Market Injustice and Organising Workers: The View from a Northern Heartland

This report, based on 42 interviews with workers, trade unionists and other stakeholders, examines the phenomena of low-paid and precarious work in Sheffield. It focuses on the factors driving the prevalence of such work (including the links with welfare reform), the experiences of workers in seven distinct employment sectors, as well as trade union responses…

Disability and labor market outcomes - first page
Disability and labor market outcomes

IZA World of Labor, 2021, 253 In Europe, about one in eight people of working age report having a disability; that is, a long-term limiting health condition. Despite the introduction of a range of legislative and policy initiatives designed to eliminate discrimination and facilitate retention of and entry into work, disability is associated with substantial and…

Journal Cover
The Persistence of Union Membership within the Coalfields of Britain

Spatial variance in union membership has been attributed to the favourable attitudes that persist in areas with an historical legacy of trade unionism. Within the United Kingdom, villages and towns located in areas once dominated by coalmining remain among the strongest and most durable bases for the trade union movement. This article empirically examines the…