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Social Anthropologies of the Welsh: Past and Present book cover depicting daffodil in welsh flag colours
Social Anthropologies of the Welsh: Past and Present

A new collection of essays entitled Social Anthropologies of the Welsh: Past and Present, edited by Professor W. John Morgan and Dr Fiona Bowie will be published this month in the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Country Series. The book has its origins in a joint colloquium of the Royal Anthropological Institute, WISERD, the Learned Society of…

Brexit and the ‘left behind’: Job polarization and the rise in support for leaving the European Union

Industrial Relations Journal 52(6) pp 569-588 This paper focuses on the changing relationship between attitudes towards European Union (EU) membership and workers affected by globalization and technological advances in the lead-up to the UK’s EU referendum in 2016. It is found that workers employed in middling occupations, where both relative wages and employment have fallen, were…

What is a Philosophy of Education?

The article considers what is a philosophy and its relation to education. The modern academic development of philosophy has questioned the theoretical basis of specific aspects of knowledge and human experience, including education. It is an active rather than a passive or descriptive discipline. Education is defined similarly as a process by which knowledge, skills…

Environment and Urbanization 33(2)
One step forward, two steps back? Shifting patterns of participation in a former informal settlement in Mexico City

Environment and Urbanization 33(2) pp 478-495 While advances in participatory planning have led in many cases to the more inclusive rebuilding of informal settlements, the debate regarding participatory planning has focused largely on the improvement of current informal settlements without asking “what next”. Declining living conditions following settlement consolidation, however, provide evidence of the potential shortfalls…

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The Right to Have Digital Rights in Smart Cities

New data-driven technologies in global cities have yielded potential but also have intensified techno-political concerns. Consequently, in recent years, several declarations/manifestos have emerged across the world claiming to protect citizens’ digital rights. In 2018, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and NYC city councils formed the Cities’ Coalition for Digital Rights (CCDR), an international alliance of global People-Centered Smart Cities—currently…

Revisiting the politics of the rural and the Brexit vote
Revisiting the politics of the rural and the Brexit vote

This chapter examines connections between Britain’s vote to leave the European Union in 2016 and the earlier British countryside protests in the early 2000s. Revisiting data on rural protests and activists collected in the mid-2000s alongside analysis of the Brexit campaign, the chapter compares the framing of the two movements and the motivations of participants….

Eurasian geography and economics journal cover
Book review: The lands in between: Russia vs. the West and the new politics of hybrid war

Book review in Eurasian Geography and Economics journal. The lands in between: Russia vs. the West and the new politics of hybrid war by Mitchell A. Orenstein, New York, USA, Oxford University Press, 2019, ISBN 978-0-19-093614-3 The author is a professor of Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and a senior…

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Wales Is Having A Rethink About Its Place In The UK – Could It Lead The Way For Everyone Else?

Can the United Kingdom survive Brexit? This remains one of the great unanswered questions of our time. Politically, two major narratives have dominated. The first is that the UK is on a break-up trajectory. Brexit has revived the Scottish independence movement and destabilised Northern Irish politics. Clashes between UK and devolved governments over dealing with…

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Data Co-Operatives through Data Sovereignty

Against the widespread assumption that data are the oil of the 21st century, this article offers an alternative conceptual framework, interpretation, and pathway around data and smart city nex-us to subvert surveillance capitalism in light of emerging and further promising practical cases. This article illustrates an open debate in data governance and the data justice…

Conference Proceedings Volume cover
Idealism and Realism in Educational and Cultural Exchange: International Intellectual cooperation or ‘soft power?’

The purpose and practice of international educational exchange has been interpreted ambivalently especially since the Second World War. The aftermath of that war saw new global and regional institutions aimed at international political, economic, and social co-operation, most notably the United Nations with its Specialized Agencies such as UNESCO. However, the period was also one…