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Re-energising Wales Factors influencing local and community engagement in renewable energy in Wales

‘Factors influencing local and community engagement in renewable energy in Wales’ is based on conversations with people directly involved with local and community renewable energy and energy-saving projects. It outlines the problems they perceived with the projects and identifies measures to alleviate these. The research emphasised the amount of time and expert skills that are required…

How changes in the rural economy post-Brexit might impact upon healthcare/health inequalities in rural Wales

The Research Service has established a Brexit Academic Framework agreement. Under the Framework, experts provide research and advice services to the National Assembly for Wales Commission in relation to Brexit, to supplement the work of the Research Service. Professor Mike Woods and Dr Rachel Rahman at the Centre for Excellence in Rural Health Research, Aberystwyth…

Front cover of 'After Brexit: 10 key questions for rural policy in Wales
After Brexit: 10 Key Questions for Rural Policy in Wales

The Welsh rural economy is diverse but firmly grounded in Wales’s rich natural environment. Although agriculture is an important industry for Wales, and the dominant land use, it is one part of a complex picture. Rural areas are seen very much as a place of work, including in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural…

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Pushing the boundaries of Big Local

Big Local provides local areas with funding to support resident-led solutions to create lasting change. Starting in 2010, The National Lottery Community Fund (then called The Big Lottery Fund), identified areas that have since been described as ‘left-behind’ – areas that had been previously overlooked for funding and investment. In choosing the areas, consideration was…

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The human rights of children in Wales: An evidence review

This report presents the results of an evidence review on the human rights of children in Wales and covers the period 2015 to the present day. The legal structures and processes in place to realise children’s rights in Wales are well known: for example, the Rights of Children and Young Persons (Wales) Measure 2011, which…

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An Unfair Start: Inequality in Children’s Education in Rich Countries

In the world’s richest countries, some children do worse at school than others because of circumstances beyond their control, such as where they were born, the language they speak or their parents’ occupations. These children enter the education system at a disadvantage and can drop further behind if educational policies and practices reinforce, rather than…

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Measuring Inequality in Children’s Education in Rich Countries

There is growing recognition among international organizations, scholars and policymakers that education systems must produce equitable outcomes, but there is far less consensus on what this means in practice. This paper analyses differences in inequality of outcome and inequality of opportunity in educational achievement among primary and secondary schoolchildren across 38 countries of the European…

Non-Technical Position Paper No.1: Exploring effective practice in civil society organisations’ promotion of citizenship rights, good governance and social justice in India and Bangladesh

This briefing is from the ‘Exploring effective practice’ project 2018-19 funded by the Academy of Medical Sciences. It reports on the findings of fieldwork, including a two-day workshop, with NGOs in India who represent different religions and work to advance gender equality.